Wow classic auto invite addon

After about the sixth time in a one hour play session in classic having a random guild invite pop up trying to direct me to a website to buy gold, I began to grow really angry at this continued serial guild invite system being allowed to exist.

However, in the interest of the social health of classic and after much deliberation I decided to make this post and bring my opinion on the matter to the attention of the community in hopes to grow support to get this addon broken. I have believed this addon should be broken for a long time as it is a natural perversion of the community that are guilds are supposed to be both in retail and classic, but even more so in classic.

Firstly, lets get the big obvious out of the way. Third party services are abusing this addons existence to advertise and harass players regardless of zone. Which is far more detrimental to health of the economy than dying and leaving skeletons to spell out an advertisement on the bridge in storm-wind ever could be. I do believe blizzard has done a good job at curtailing this over the past couple weeks as the invites have started to happen less and less, but none-the-less it still continues to happen.

Next, lets talk a little bit of history. This type of addon came to prominence in cataclysm with the guild leveling system where goblins would install this addon in the hopes of turning a profit on level 25 guilds either hoping to turn a profit on new hopeful raiding guilds or gaining some form of residual income from the Cashflow perk available at level This is important to remember as this type of addon sparsely existed before the guild leveling system, and only came to wide use because of the guild leveling system.

However, even after the guild leveling system had been retired the addon stuck around and this forms the core of my argument that it is a perversion of a guild, not a guild. You see, I was one of the people that profited off of these addons in Cataclysm, downloading the addon, running it while I was playing, forcing people into unpaid slave positions to earn gold.

The once the guild was 25, sold it to a new raid guild hopeful that typically would remove the majority of the members the guild obtained. This cuts core to the classic experience is what should a guild be, essentially a non-zone specific world chat.

Or a group of people with a shared common interest that typically have some prior relationship. In my opinion the latter. Moreover, players should not have to go out of their way to enable and disable a setting because other people are contacting them without any prior social engagement against their will.

They said they would step in and break addons that circumvent the social experience of classic. I addressed that criticism of my own point. Just because a block guild invite feature exist does not give you the right to abuse guild invitations. To quote CM Vrakthis.

wow classic auto invite addon

One way to look at it, is it is still LFG just Looking for guild. Guild should be formed by social interaction and social experiences. Not a random bockstandard completely random invite. Much as though I read your comment about the option to disable guild invites…seriously, how is this not the FIRST thing you do when you make and configure a toon?? Sorry dude, this is just a horrible troll thread or whinepost about broken addons.

That the mature language filter exists does not excuse the use of inappropriate language or subject matter.Want to play a meme spec?

Other players will now know, decreasing the likelihood of you getting invited. Please add your voice in multiple venues to get Blizzard to investigate and hopefully ban this addon.

I really dont see a problem with this addon. Beats spamming trade chat for ppl who arent in guilds. Funny how it actually has the exact functionality and the addon developer admitted to this and is now desperately trying to save his project by reverting a bunch of these things. But regardless my point stands. For those saying there is a different version for Classic and retail…they were lying. Developer even admitted to it. It does spam trade chat. Did you watch the video?

It spams all chats and when people reply the word invite its invites them. So this is how it breaks immersion. Instead of you interacting with people in the chats and picking your group, you can walk away and let the addon do it. Totally game breaking!!! Yeah i know it does. Im looking to burn thru ll 60 as fast as i can coz ive done it in vanilla but too late unfortunately before TBC came out so lvl 60 gameplay is all i care about really.


Great addon and very intuitive. The more you guys post about it the more I learn and the more excited I get to be able to use such a great player created feature. Well done creator. Delete out the lines for auto-invite, and reinforce its usage of chat channels to communicate.

As for talent allocation inspection, sucks to suck. You are playing in a group and it is selfish to withhold such information from others on how effectively you are able to perform. It works the same way in classic as it does in BFA. Here he comes to save the day, the LFR Forum heroooooooo. Imagine only doing lfr and wanting a dungeon finder addon. WoW Classic. WoW Classic General Discussion. Charax-emerald-dream Charax 24 August 1.

Mr GM posted a more detailed review of the addon:. ClassicLFG addon. Charax-emerald-dream Charax 23 August 2.

wow classic auto invite addon

Stevas-khazgoroth Stevas 23 August 4. Wolity-thrall 23 August 5. Charax-emerald-dream Charax 23 August 6. Holyrunt-dunemaul 23 August 8. Everything else can already be done by a third party.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts Yesterday. Recent Forum Posts AM. Thread: Auto Invite to raid Addon. Auto Invite to raid Addon Hello I was wondering if there is a good addon that can auto invite to raid.

It would be nice to automate this and have an addon auto invite them via keywords in general or if they whisper me. Also I would like to have a macro to use for inviting people to my group. It would be a macro to say in general chat "Looking for more PST for invite". Also with this macro I would like it to report the number of people currently in the raid group as well. The message could end up looking like this "Looking for more PST for invite. Old Computer New Computer.

Reply With Quote. Originally Posted by qweez. It doesn't look it it works for general chat though and I want an addon that picks up keywords said in ashran general chat.

Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Macro to post to general. Treeston, is there a way to look for more than one trigger? Im looking to invite people for the daily apex quests and i usually see "inv", "invite" "inviting" or "LF Daily". Last edited by menides; at AM. Reason: working version. That'll invite for every chat channel though, not just for general.If you find an Addon that has a broken download link or any other problem, please Contact me! A large collection of Classic WoW Addons.

If you are working on porting Addons to classic wow, here are some helpful resources: Complete variable list Classic function list If you find an Addon that has a broken download link or any other problem, please Contact me! Questie Classic. OneBag3 Classic.

Recount — Classic. Bagnon is a highly customizable bag replacement addon designed to help the player find items as quickly and as easily as possible. Vendor Price. Auctioneer Suite provides you with the tools and data necessary to make those difficult auctioning decisions with ease. Simple Auction functionality in one additional tab. Post multiple Auctions see current prices in one window. Restores cooldown swipe timers on default Target Frame and Blizzard Raid Frames to the best of its ability.


Provides additional warnings sounds pop-up messages and all sorts of other things for boss Encounters particularly in Raids. Very useful often required by Raiding Guilds. Z-Perl UnitFrames. OmniCC Classic. OmniCC is an addon that adds text to items, spell and abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they will. Atlas World Map Classic. Real Mob Health. AtlasLoot Classic is an UI mod allowing for loot tables of bosses to be browsed whenever needed within the game.

BigWigs is a boss encounter add-on. It consists of many individual encounter scripts, or boss modules. MikScrollingBattleText Classic quickfix. Titan Panel Classic. Damage Meter Classic. World of Warcraft addon that provides a powerful and flexible framework to display highly customizable graphics on your screen.Forgot your password? Earning gold is an incredibly important part of Classic WoW and will be very important for many things.

There are large purchases that you will want to make, such as getting your epic mount or getting better gear from the auction house. You will also have lots of reoccurring purchases, such as consumables for raiding and PvP.

The bottom line is that gold is important, both for quality of life and for getting important items to help your gameplay. One of the most important things to do once you hit Level 60 for the first time, or even before that, is to work to establish a gold making source. Before we get started on addons and macros, we would like to present you our Icy Veins' class-specific guides. Addons are an important part of WoW Classic, but are not intuitive to install.

If you want to download and install an addon, follow the steps listed below. Alternatively, you can use the Twitch Desktop App to install addons that are available on curseforge. A drawback of this method is that it only works with addons available on Curseforge. Quest helper addons like Questie are a must have and will make your leveling experience much smoother.

WoW Classic Best Addons and Macros Guide

Over the years, Blizzard has reworked WoW's questing interface to make it more user friendly and to present more information. In Classic, that was not the case. Quests were not readily displayed on the map, enemies did not have text to indicate you should kill them for a quest you had, and items did not have the glowing lines or sparkles around them to let you know that you should interact with them for a quest.

Weak Auras is a very popular addon in modern WoW that allows you to create and customizes trackers for different auras such as your damage cooldowns or debuffs you might get from raid bosses. This addon gives you lots of customization and will let you track whatever you want, however you want. It is an absolute must have for anyone looking to raid. Being able to track and compare your damage with other people's is a valuable tool and does not exist in the default UI.

Details is the most popular damage meter in modern WoW, and has been ported over to Classic. If you are looking to improve, being able to track your own numbers and compare them is a vital first step. Deadly Boss Mods. It will help you track important raid abilities and give you important messages from fight to fight. Most importantly, it will give you warnings and notifications if you are targeted by something or if an important mechanic is happening.

Most raiding guilds require this addon because of how useful it is in raids. If you have done any sort of dungeon in WoW Classic, then you know how easy it can be for a tank to lose aggro on an enemy.SuperGuildInvite is an AddOn developed to aid any person who wishes to invite new players to their guild.

If you for some reason need to contact me, you can post here, PM me or send an email to I prefer email : Please note that I do read every email I recieve even if I don't have time to answer all of them.

wow classic auto invite addon

SuperScan is the reason to use this AddOn! SuperScan is a function which will methodically go through all logged in players on your server, determine if they belong to a guild and if not they will be put in a waiting list.

They stay in this list for four seconds, in order for GuildShield to do its job. They are the placed in your invite queue where you can invite them to your guild by a simple click. SuperScan is also quite. Using the Who Interface in the background lets you go on with your daily business while having a steadily growing invite queue. The time it takes to do a complete scan depends on the settings you choose, but from my experience a scan takes between mins.

Locking is a way for SGI to keep track of which players you already have tried to invite during the last two months. If you have tried to invite a player, and they received the invite, they will be on this list and will not be bothered by you again for at least 2 months. It does not matter if they accepted of declined your invite.

Only if the invite did not reach them will they be taken off.

wow classic auto invite addon

You can specify up to 6 different whispers to send randomly to the players you invite. SuperGuildInvite supports 3 modes of inviting players:. All settings can be changed in the options menu of SuperGuildInvite. Filters allow you to remove certain player types from your search. To add a filter do the following:. If you are looking for a AddOn to remove players from you guild, then this might be the AddOn for you.

SuperGuildInvite Game Version: 7. Download Earlier Versions. Share this:. Comments Add a comment.No, because that was invented to invite as many people as possible to level guilds faster in Cataclysm, when guilds had levels and benefits for higher level guilds.

I hope they remove that functionality from the API. It literally serves no purpose other than spam guild invites to strangers. The reason it existed was because of the cash flow gbank perk in cata meaning the guild master got more gold the more random idiots were in his guild. Super guilds where around in Vanilla, but died off or just turned into another type of guild.

But unsolicited guild invites did exist. No idea if there were addons back then, or just macros to send the whisper. Decline the invite and report for spam. I hope not but either way, Retail has a checkbox in the options menu to turn off receipt of guild invites, so they could easily include this in Classic if that were a concern.

I doubt that most long term players would join such a guild, though. Game design in Retail unfortunately supports this type of guild which is why they exists there. Auto guild invites? WoW Classic. WoW Classic General Discussion.

Was this a thing in vanilla? Should it be? Personally, I hope not. Dawnspirit-wyrmrest-accord 16 April 2. I dunno. Ohshiftson-area 16 April 3. You can auto decline guild invites.

Target with Macros in Classic WoW (Using BfA in Classic)

Ziryus-doomhammer Ziryus 16 April 4. They also usually whisper you stuff. Vhol-burning-blade Vhol 16 April 5. Dawnspirit-wyrmrest-accord 16 April 6. Some do, but not all.


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